Which knife for which purpose? Every knife has its own advantages and strengths in an extremely wide range of application areas.

01 Profes Schael 70 2008 01

http://wesola54.pl/pilatos/176 Peeling knife
Its curved blade makes it ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables.

02 Profes Gemuese 80 2008 01

http://dafradio.net/?hiderwer=consulenza-di-trading-online-consigli-operativi&2ac=66 Vegetable knife
Ideal for trimming, mincing and decorating fruits, vegetables and mushrooms

04 Profes Spick 90 2008 01

http://civilparties.org/?cat=1 Larding knife
Ideal for cutting onions and herbs and for larding lean meat and poultry

05 Profes UniWell 130 01

source url Utility knife

  • Knife with fine scalloping
  • Cuts easily through tomato skin and hard crusts
03 Profes Steak 120 2008 01

opcje binarne wikipedia Steak knife

  • Knife with a wavy blade
  • Cuts roasted, grilled and crisp meat easily and gently 
06 Profes Ausbein 140 01

http://www.swazilandforum.com/?n=eur-chf-live Boning knife

  • Small knife with narrow blade
  • Ideal for removing bones, tendons and fat
09 Profes Filier 160 01

https://www.aliantpayments.com/crypto/10860 Filleting knife

  • Small knife with a thin, highly elastic blade
  • Very good for removing bones and skin from fish
16 Profes Brot 200 01

binära optioner video Bread knife

  • Large knife with rough scalloping
  • Ideal for cutting hard and soft bread and crisp roasts
10 Profes Koch 160 01

Chef's knife

  • The all-around knife with the large side
  • Ideal for mincing and chopping and for cutting meat, fruits, vegetables and fish
07 Profes Schinken 160 01

Carving knife

  • Knife with a long, narrow blade
  • This knife can be used for carving roasts, raw or boiled ham, and other meats.
12 Profes Santoku 140 01

Santoku knife

  • The all-purpose knife
  • Santoku knife means "knife of three good things," referring to meat, fish and vegetables.
  • This knife is also available with a hollow edge.
18 Profes Deba 200 01

Deba knife

  • Filleting knife for fish
  • One-sided blade
20 Profes Nakiri 160 01

Nakiri knife

  • Especially for salads and wok dishes
  • Two-sided blade
19 Profes Yanagiba 180 01

Yanagiba knife

  • Sushi and sashimi knife
  • One-sided blade
17 Profes Chin.Km 180 01

Chinese chef's knife

  • Knife for cutting and chopping vegetables and herbs
  • Two-sided blade


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